Are bidding wars and getting offers ‘over the asking price’ really happening these days? Apparently in San Fransisco’s hot real estate market it is and the big question is, how much over the asking price will the offer be? While San Fransisco’s bidding wars and offers are on the high end, it’s still possible to get more than your asking price if you do a few very smart things when putting your house on the market.

“Agents say the right price tag and attractive staging are key to prompting the kind of quick decisions that spark a bidding war.” – Candace Jackson,  The Wall Street journal

Of course setting the right price is imperative and professional home staging, which can make a huge difference in the way potential buyers see your home, is the second most important thing you can do. Another smart idea is to get a thorough pre-sale inspection report so buyers are more comfortable submitting a higher offer.

The Wall Street Journal’s interesting article:
In San Francisco’s Bidding Wars, Home Prices Go Ballistic